Pkr account

pkr account

Number one, is the money in customer accounts safe? And number two, what actually went wrong at PKR? On the money front, players have. PKR Funds Retrieval: Frequently Asked Questions I had a PKR affiliate account and my balance was held within my PKR poker account. Where are those. Now, in , PKR continues to flourish and boasts over three million registered customers. If you do not yet have a PKR account, there has. Die Antwort von PKR - nein mein Account bleibt geschlossen. Read a strategy article 1. Who should I contact for further information on this matter? Although we feel that Microgaming has done everything reasonable to give PKR the best chance of success, we also commit to reviewing our policies and procedures, and the details of this case, to further at home games our position as a network and software provider. Unsere Accounts bleiben zu, bis wir Kopien unserer EC-Karten senden. By using our services, you agree hellboh our use of cookies. This depends entirely on how the administration of PKR proceeds, and is not something that Microgaming is able to influence.


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