Best silent hill game

best silent hill game

Find out which Silent Hill games are the best, as we've ranked the entire series in our ranking Silent Hill games feature!. The Silent Hill games have been around for a really long time, which means it's time to rank all of them from worst to best. Silent Hill. The name alone can send chills up your spine, calling up images of that empty, foggy town where untold evil lurks, waiting just for.

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I got used to the tank controls, but i never got used to those flying enemies which were a pain in the ass. Silent Hill 3 has hands down the best graphics and visual presentation of the series, It also has hands down the best protagonist in the series, made even better cause there is a cool twist on her real identity, which you discover mid-way through the game which was a great service to fans. That's the other thing: Shattered Memories and, in fact, we expected them to. So I'd say go with either of those. Silent Hill 3 3. Origins Wii Xbox Xbox twinfinite. On the surface, its concept is simple: Other moments of genius include the game's opening combat tutorial. Gazing through a hole in the wall to next door to see a Robbie the Rabbit hunched on a bed, only to check again and see the terrifying rabbit turned around to look at you. Do you know what horror is? Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! I should also mention that the final level in the prison is infuriatingly bad and the ultimate test of one's patience.

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best silent hill game


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